Cannabis SOPs: 10 Ways They Can Save The Day

What are SOPs?  

Cannabis SOPs, or Standard Operating Procedures, record processes to be followed through all areas of a cannabis business. They provide step by step instructions for the simplest tasks to the most complicated.

Why do we need SOPs?

A smart cannabis business uses SOPs to promote consistency, productivity, and communication. They help a company stay organized, operate efficiently, and communicate to employees how to correctly perform tasks. 

Here are 10 ways that SOPs can save the day at your cannabis business.

Cannabis SOPs: 10 Ways They Can Save The Day

1. Communication is facilitated.

Standardized processes make it easier to communicate what needs to be done at any given time. Details can be lost in conversation so having written instructions helps ensure this doesn’t happen.

2. Consistency and quality control are promoted.

When processes are performed the same way each time, a business can come to rely on the expected results. As a result, controlling quality becomes simpler.

3. Productivity is increased.

When an employee knows exactly what to do they become more productive. Additionally, it is easier to see where a process can be improved when it has been standardized.

4. Training is made simpler.

Whether training a new employee or cross training an existing employee, SOPs simplify the process by laying out exactly what needs to be learned in a concise manner. 

5. Training time is reduced.

Training new employees or cross training existing employees can be time consuming so having written instructions for expected tasks means they can hit the ground running.

6. Employee performance evaluation is more effective.

Good SOPs provide the ability to judge an employee’s success based on concrete data rather than opinion.

7. Peer accountability and coaching is supported.

When learning a new task, clear SOPs allow employees to coach each other. This frees up the manager for other tasks. It also means that when a task isn’t correctly performed, employees can address the issue through coaching or other means. 

8. A safer work environment is created.

SOPs will include safety measures. Ensuring they are being followed will reduce the possibility of accidents and could even reduce legal liability in the event something does happen.

9. Errors are reduced.

SOPs can help reduce the possibility of costly errors when they are a regular part of operations.

10. They meet legal requirements.

In many localities, compliant cannabis SOPs are required as a part of the licensing process. Making sure they are current and relevant will be an ongoing process.

In Conclusion

Cannabis SOPs are an essential part of a successful cannabis business. Though it can be time consuming to create and maintain standard operating procedures, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.  

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