Cannabis Grower Training in 3 Easy Steps

A grower is an essential part of any cannabis cultivation. They are responsible for caring for marijuana plants from propagation through harvest. A marijuana business will need to offer comprehensive cannabis grower training. With well trained growers, a successful cultivation produces high quality and valuable cannabis. Without competent growers, the cultivation can’t produce competitive product at a competitive price.

Why Cannabis Grower Training Matters

A lot of labor is needed to see a crop through the plant cultivation and manufacturing process. Making sure the growers performing the labor are well trained sets your cultivation up for profitable harvests. Good cannabis grower training will save you in costly mistakes. 

The following list introduces the main steps to consider when training a new grower.

Cannabis Grower Training in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Train the Grower on Laws and Company Policy. Any cannabis grower should be able to explain the relevant laws and company policies. The laws will be different in different locations so it is important to know that they understand and comply with them. Company policies are generally created with compliance to the laws in mind and are equally important. 
  2. Train on Plant Knowledge and Life Cycle. A cannabis grower must understand the different cannabis growth stages and the factors that can impact the quality of the finished product. Whether you are growing marijuana or help, indica or sativas, understanding the different types of plants and their unique needs will be critical.
  3. Train on Cultivation Business Processes. A grower will need to be comfortable following standard operating procedures. These procedures generally describe how and when a task is to take place. SOP’s are a great training tool and create efficiencies and standards for compliance. A marijuana grow employee must also be able to track the progress of the plants and record the data associated with them.

In addition to helping to produce high quality products, cannabis grower training will help reduce costs. Training is important not just for new hires and growers, but for experienced employees too. A good cannabis grower will always be learning. Cannabis colleges, like the ones offered in Canada and various universities in the United States, may help cultivation employees fine tune their skills. As a cannabis grower improves so will your business.

Training new employees can seem complicated, but with a good plan in place you can streamline the process and set up your cultivation business for success. Let Adilas420 help you!



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