Budtender Training in 4 Easy Steps

A budtender is often the main face of your dispensary to the customer. They are a source of knowledge and experience that can be tapped to enhance the customer experience. Alternatively, a bad experience can sour the customer on your company indefinitely so this makes comprehensive budtender training essential to your dispensary’s success.

Why Training Matters 

Budtenders must be knowledgeable in multiple areas in order to provide the level of service demanded from the cannabis industry. Good budtender training provides the new employee with all the tools they need to be successful in their new cannabis role. Bad training leaves the new employee confused and set up for failure.

The following list introduces the main steps to consider when training a new budtender. 

4 Steps for Training a New Budtender

  1. Laws and Company Policies – Any dispensary agent should be able to explain the relevant marijuana laws and company policies. Company policies are generally created with compliance with the laws in mind and are equally important.
  2. Point of Sale – There are many different options for point of sale systems so making sure your budtender understands exactly how to use yours is vital. Explore and utilize outside training resources.
  3. Customer Flow and Customer Service – Make sure your new budtender understands the customer flow from the moment they walk through the door until they leave. This includes customer service practices such as greetings, appropriate conversation, and upselling
  4. Product Offerings – Budtenders should understand the different characteristics of marijuana and have a comprehensive knowledge of available products. This allows them to answer questions and make recommendations.

In an ever-changing industry, a budtender will need to be constantly maintaining and updating their store of knowledge. 

Training any new employee can seem like a hassle. With a good plan in place you can streamline the process and set up your new employee for success. Let Adilas420 help you!



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