Cannabis Business ERP’s: How to choose the right seed to sale software.

Choosing the right cannabis business ERP (enterprise resource planning system) will be critical for marijuana businesses with big expansion goals. A full ERP system means more than just choosing a seed to sale software. Your ERP should include software or a suite of software to help you organize your business intelligence for all areas of your cannabis business including accounting, human resources, customer relationship management, and all of your compliance reporting needs. 

There is a huge selection of ERP systems across the world, but ERP’s for the cannabis industry are harder to find. Many of the marijuana industry’s seed to sale software company’s claim to be ERP’s, however have limited functions beyond inventory control, point of sale and hopefully, integrated state cannabis business reporting. If you choose a seed to sale software for your marijuana business that has limited functionality, be prepared to pay much more in other softwares and software integrations to complete your ERP needs.

When choosing the right seed to sale software there is a lot to consider. We have prepared a list of the top 7 things to consider when choosing a seed to sale software. This provides you with the fundamentals of understanding how to choose the right cannabis ERP system.

Top 7 Things To Consider When Choosing a Cannabis ERP

  1. Are the software providers you are considering innovating in the cannabis industry? – The Cannabis Industry has special considerations when it comes to inventory and compliance tracking. Choose a provider that is actively innovating with the ever-changing cannabis industry. Adilas is one of the top 5 used cannabis pos systems in the US and is constantly innovating for marijuana businesses. 
  2. What models or features are offered for accounting, human resources, customer relationship management, cannabis compliance and reporting needs? – Options offered by different providers differ greatly. More features means fewer separate solutions are needed. 
  3. Is the system cloud based or do you have to host your server locally? – Cloud based options allow the system to be accessed remotely. This can provide a great deal of convenience. Hosting a system locally can also be expensive. 
  4. What does the software company offer for data security? – How is your data protected if something happens? Many software companies use multiple methods for ensuring data security and backup.  
  5. Which system seems the most user-friendly? – It is important that the system “makes sense” to the user. Look for logical progression in placement of functions and easy visual flow. 
  6. How customizable is the system? – Does it offer an open API? How well does the software integrate with your current systems? Does the software integrate with state tracking systems? 
  7. Compare the costs and benefits of the cannabis software systems. Are the prices competitive? – Gather pricing and benefits details for multiple systems to compare and analyze what you’re getting for the cost of each system.
  8. What is involved in implementing each solution? – How much work is involved in getting started in the new ERP? Are processes in place to simplify implementation?
  9. What kind of support is offered by the provider? – What happens when you need help? Who can you contact and under what circumstances? Are there training and implementation options? Does customer support understand the unique needs and processes of the cannabis industry?
  10. What do current users of the system think about it? – Users are often the best judge of a system. They will know intimately where the system excels and where it needs work. 


You probably noticed that we gave you more than 7 things to consider when choosing a cannabis ERP. Tracking cannabis businesses and data is complex. We offer 9 more Tips for Selecting and Implementing Your Seed to Sale Software System here. Regardless of if you are new to seed to sale tracking systems, or you are currently using one, there is a lot of exploratory research to be done before choosing a cannabis ERP.

There are a lot of online resources available. Take the time and dig in. Learn everything you can about cannabis ERPs. Adilas20 online learning for cannabis businesses is a great place to start for those who prefer online training. The more you know about the benefits, features, and drawbacks of these systems, the better equipped you’ll be to make the decision that best fits your company.

When choosing a new cannabis POS or inventory control system, there will be a lot of steps to successfully implementing the new system.

We chose adilas as our preferred seed to sale software because it is the closest thing to an all in one solution for an ERP that we could find. It’s open API allows for full control over building the software to become your best cannabis ERP. 

Adilas420 is happy to help. Get help from an expert or take an online course to learn more today. 



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