Cannabis Employee Training: 6 Methods

Cannabis employee training is an essential part of any successful cannabis business but may be even more so for the cannabis industry. Whether they are brand new employees or existing employees that need to learn a new skill, there are challenges involved to get the job done efficiently and effectively. For instance, time and cost are significant challenges. How long does it take to effectively train an employee? What is the cost of training the employee?

The best way to minimize the amount of time and cost associated with training is to have a plan. Consider combining different methods to accommodate your specific cannabis employee training needs. What is appropriate for a brand new employee may not be necessary for an existing employee. 

The following list introduces six cannabis employee training methods. They can be integrated into your cannabis business to lessen the time and cost while maximizing the benefits.

Cannabis Employee Training: 6 Methods

1. Classroom Learning

This is a very traditional method involving techniques like lectures, activities, slideshows, etc. The “class” is led by a qualified facilitator. This method might be most beneficial for a company looking to train a larger “class” of employees simultaneously.

2. On the Job Training

On the job training is the idea that sometimes “doing” is the best way to learn. This usually takes place after some introductory training by way of another method. 

3. Online Learning

Though resources are limited for the cannabis industry, there are some great options available online, depending on your needs. There are a number of online cannabis schools that can be utilized to train the industry basics. Additionally, your seed to sale compliance software company may offer online employee training options. Adilas420 offers online courses to train employees on how to use Adilas in their role. Group memberships will save you money, so enroll multiple employees to get as many employees trained as possible.

4. Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures, or SOPs, are written procedures for performing specific tasks. They are a resource for tasks at all levels of a business and can be a great support when combined with another method such as on the job learning. 

5. Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring can be a significant a part of your employee training plan. One on one training usually takes place with an experienced professional and can be an effective way to both impart knowledge and assess the employee as they progress. Use members of your own team, or outsource a specialist for cannabis business coaching.

6. Group Discussions and Tutorials

This is a great method for updating the knowledge of current employees. Group discussion is an effective way to deliver a message as well as gauge understanding. Since important information can be conveyed to many people at once, the company is able to save time and money simultaneously. These might include webinars for cannabis businesses.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different options when creating the right cannabis employee training plan for your cannabis business. The right plan can save your company time and money as well as set up your employees for success.

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