Cannabis Cultivation: 7 Common Reporting Needs

Cannabis cultivation is a complicated process with many stages. Throughout these stages you will need to collect data for a number of reasons. Whether it is deciding what clones to cut or reporting sales data to investors, your seed to sale software will play a key role. Make sure yours has the ability to provide the following cannabis cultivation reports. 

Cannabis Cultivation: 7 Common Reporting Needs


What plants do you have? Where are they? What stage they are in? There are a number of reasons that you might find yourself needing the answers to these questions and your seed to sale software should make it easy to find the answers. Adilas has a user friendly cultivation interface that allows you to answer these questions at a glance. 


What inventory do you have on hand? You might be doing a month end audit, or you might need to know what is available to sell. Either way, comprehensive and flexible inventory reports are vital to a cannabis cultivation. Adilas provides robust inventory reporting options so you can always know what you have.


How much did it cost to produce a batch? The ability to report on the cost to create a batch of cannabis is integral. Not all seed to sale softwares have the ability to track cost of goods as part of their solution. Finding one that does can save you lots of time and resources. Adilas includes a full accounting platform out of the box so you can start tracking cost from the start.


How many customers do you have? How much product was sold and to whom? Sales reporting will be important to many different areas of your cannabis cultivation. Marketing might use sales data to plan sales activities, while the cultivation might use the data to plan what strains to grow. With Adilas, seed to sale software, sales reporting is both comprehensive and simple.


Taxes are a complicated issue in any cannabis business. A system that has a full financial platform included will be able to help you track how much tax is owed and to whom. Adilas allows you to track complicated taxes in a logical and easy manner. 


Mistakes will happen and that’s ok. The key is being able to investigate and correct the action. History reports make it possible to figure out what happened, when it happened, and who performed the action. Adilas allows any action by a user to be tracked and also keeps a history for various system elements. This makes it easy to solve issues quickly. 

Government Reporting

Each government has different requirements for reporting essential data. In the US, some states require that a physical report be filled out and submitted. Other states require that a cannabis cultivation use a specific software (such as METRC) to report important data. Adilas makes it easy to find needed data points for a physical report or integrate with state required systems.  

When considering a seed to sale software it is important to make sure all of your reporting needs are provided. Adilas, which is an acronym for “All Data Is Live And Searchable” provides powerful reporting tools for all areas of your cannabis cultivation. Let Adilas420 show you more. Schedule a demo today



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