Cannabis Compliance Challenges: 6 Ways Adilas Can Help

Compliance challenges are abundant in the cannabis industry. With numerous local and federal regulations compliance must be a primary focus of a successful cannabis business. Though there are many seed to sale software options on the market, Adilas is the only full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Adilas can help relieve the pressure on cannabis compliance employees by allowing comprehensive data to be organized and easily retrieved.

Here is a list of common cannabis compliance challenges and how Adilas software can help.

Cannabis Compliance Challenges: 6 Ways Adilas Can Help

1. Inventory Management

Cannabis inventory management is a big process that requires attention to detail at each stage. Seed to sale tracking can help by making it simple to enter and update details, but Adilas will also provide powerful reporting features that allow you to retrieve data easily. This will come in handy for month end inventory counts and audits or when investigating an anomaly.

2. Government Reporting

The various regulatory agencies and governments require that data be submitted at regular intervals to monitor regulation compliance. Adilas software will integrate with several state tracking softwares and government tracking systems. This makes reporting simple. If integration isn’t necessary, Adilas provides robust reporting functionality that makes it easy to gather the data needed for submission.

3. Taxes

Many seed to sale platforms do not include accounting functionality. Adilas includes a full accounting platform, allowing you to track taxes in conjunction with your other liabilities and assets. Income Statements, Profit and Loss Reports, Balance Sheet reports and Tax reports are included in this all in one cannabis software solution.

4. Maintain Licensing

There are a lot of details to keep up to maintain proper licensing but Adilas can help alleviate some of the worry by ensuring that you are well organized and ready to answer questions upon inspection. Adilas is a full document management system.

5. Compliant Sales

The sales process must be carefully monitored in order to ensure that all sales are legal. Adilas can help by tracking every step as well as providing necessary product manifest documentation.

6. Packaging, Labeling, & Product Safety Laws

Most seed to sale softwares will provide labeling functionality but Adilas provides a customizable option that ensures your final product label complies with state regulation and product safety laws.

A full ERP system means more than just choosing a seed to sale software. Your ERP should include software or a suite of software to help you organize all matters of compliance.Let Adilas420 help! Contact us today to discuss your cannabis business needs and how Adilas can benefit your company. 



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