Digital Menu Boards: 5 Reasons your Cannabis Business Needs Them

It is likely you have seen a digital menu board, maybe in a restaurant or dispensary. They are a great way to communicate with customers, especially if you have a “menu” that changes frequently. 

Earlier this year we published a blog post on the subject. In this article we will go into more detail. 

1. Entertain and inform customers while they wait.

Obviously, a digital menu board is informative but it also gives customers something to look at while they wait for their turn with the budtender. Sometimes waiting can be hard but having something to concentrate on will help the time pass faster. 

2. Easier to update than other methods. 

When considering in store options for informing your customers about what you have available, think about how much time and energy are involved when changes are needed. Other options for informing customers when they are in store include things like chalkboards or paper menus. How much work would go into updating those items on a daily basis?

3. More opportunities for marketing and branding.

Digital Menu boards provide another great avenue for including branding and marketing messages. Since they are highly customizable, many different methods could be used to catch and keep the customer’s attention.  

4. Changes to the menu can be implemented quickly.

A digital menu board can generally be updated very quickly, saving you time needed for other important tasks. A few quick clicks and your updates are done!

5. Some can integrate with your POS. 

Some digital menu board options will integrate with your POS system. This makes updating inventory a breeze and save loads of time since it will update to show your live inventory.

We can help!

Whether you need a digital menu board that integrates with your POS, or a seed to sale POS software system that includes digital menu board options, we have you covered. Contact us today to discuss your cannabis business needs with an expert!



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