Compliance means Good Business 

As the Adilas420 team continues to assist clients with training and Seed to CPA software and assisting in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) we often strive to define “compliance.” Many focus time to ensure the words on their SOP’s reflect procedures compliant with rules and regulations issued by the state, but struggle to implement the protocols required to deliver compliant practices and product.

Compliance is not just about words written in statutes referenced by state inspectors; compliance is about working towards creating a stable industry in a sustainable manner. Compliance applies to your People, your Product and your Process.

Canna-business owner, Laura Davis, describes the recognition of the importance of compliance in her article below.

Compliance: It’s Just Good Business – Cannabis Industry Journal

The cannabis industry in Colorado and other states is heavily regulated at many levels from cultivation to sale. As the industry grows and matures, companies are looking to federal standards and practices that may not immediately apply to their state’s industry, but that have been in place for years to provide for public safety. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it is critical that industry leaders demonstrate that, through their practices and adherence to public safety standards, their products are safe for the consumer.

This vision has led cannabis companies to seek out compliance experts and build compliance departments. Hiring compliance experts is a major trend in this fledging industry, and more than that, it is a critical element to maintaining employee morale and providing for public safety. Compliance provides a roadmap for employees, offering guidance and resources to assist them with job performance. It is a basic building block for employee retention.

Internally, employees must be aware of what regulations can affect their specific position and job responsibilities. It is crucial that all staff employed by a cannabis business are aware of current and pending regulations. If the employees are well versed on the regulations that impact their duties in the company, there is less of a chance for error.

Externally, cannabis companies should strive for the highest level of compliance, and much can be gleaned from other, more established industries. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) should be developed to detail critical work flow areas of the business, including cultivation practices, sales protocols, and more.

Compliance can help to create a more sustainable business. In an industry that has grabbed headlines for energy, water and resource usage, compliance is at the core of a sustainable business model.

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