Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training: Why It’s A Great Idea

If you are in the cannabis industry then you may have heard mention of Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training and are wondering what it is all about. In this article we will provide some answers and help you decide if Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training is right for your cannabis business.

What is Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training?

Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training involves teaching employees basic information that will minimize compliance infractions and promote employee responsibility. The practice began with organizations tasked with regulating alcohol consumption and the logic spread to the cannabis industry. 

What is taught?

The topics covered in training generally include, the effects of cannabis on the human body, preventing diversion and sales to minors, seed-to-sale tracking compliance, and operating in accordance with laws, regulations, and local rules. In short, it teaches the importance of compliance in a cannabis business.

How is training delivered?

Participation in training can occur either online and in person. Classes offered by or approved by regulatory bodies, like those in Colorado, usually have options for either method. There are also a number of online options available that are operated by a third party but not overseen by a regulatory body. If using a third party, verify that the educational content is comprehensive and relevant to your cannabis business.

Is Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training required? 

In some states like Colorado, Responsible Vendor Training is required. It is also required in Massachusetts as part of annual training requirements. Though it is not required in other regions, several states do require proof of internal training processes. There can be practical advantages to participating in programs run by regulatory bodies. An example of this would be receiving special consideration should a compliance infraction occur. 

Why is it a great idea?

Expanding employee’s industry knowledge is never a bad idea but Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training is a particularly good one because, among other things, it prepares them to identify and handle potentially difficult situations. For instance, a budtender that has had training will be able to identify when someone is too intoxicated to be allowed to purchase. Another advantage of training is that your employees will be familiar with the laws and regulations to which your cannabis business is subject, helping to minimize the likelihood of a compliance infraction. 

How can Adilas420 help?

Contact us today to discuss your employee training plan or other cannabis business consulting needs.  We offer individual registrations and group training memberships for cannabis businesses educational needs.



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