New Adilas Loyalty Rewards System Released

If you are an Adilas user you will be happy to know that the Adilas loyalty reward system was recently released. Companies that were utilizing a third party solution for their rewards program can now have a system that is fully integrated with their POS. This points based system will automatically issue points to a customer for each purchase they make. They can then redeem like cash when they are ready. 

Features and Benefits

  • It is easy to set up. With just a few basic settings you can be using your new loyalty rewards system in a matter of minutes. 
  • Settings allow for customization of your rewards program. Each company can make choices about their loyalty rewards system points that suit them, such as how many are earned or how much they are worth.
  • It is easy to use. Once set up, learning how to integrate them into the point of sale process will be a breeze for employees. 
  • It is fully integrated with Adilas. This means it is a part of the seed to sale system you are already using rather than having to figure out how to integrate a third party process into your point of sale process that may not connect with Adilas at all. 
  • Employees can easily see a customer’s points in the shopping cart. This makes it easy to learn and easy to communicate the current points value to a customer.
  • Points can be redeemed like cash. When the customer wishes to use their points they can be applied to an order the same way as any other payment method.
  • Customers can see points on their receipt. Once a transaction is complete the customer will be able to see points transaction details on the receipt including their current balance. 
  • Adjustments can be made manually. There may be situations points that weren’t earned through a normal purchase  need to be issued, such as for a customer service goodwill gesture. This is easily done by a manager with the correct permissions. 
  • Easily report on points transactions. With the loyalty reporting tool, looking up or keeping tabs on loyalty rewards system transactions is simple. 

Still have questions? Adilas420 can help! Contact us today to discuss your loyalty rewards needs. We can help you get set up as well as find solutions to your specific challenges.



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