Maine Town Blocks Marijuana Sales before Regulators Adopt Rules

Since voters approved recreational marijuana use and sales in November, some towns, including the town of Sullivan, Maine have closed the door on marijuana sales.

Some local residents are voting to prohibit retail sales and social marijuana clubs.

Local ordinances in Marijuana States are common, although more cities and towns have opted “in” later than those who have allowed the commerce and opted “out” later.

Although Adilas420, strongly supports a towns right to “Opt Out” – it may be premature for residents to vote on such measures until they understand what rules will be implemented and enforced for cannabis businesses. Many states have adopted robust seed to sale rules and regulations building a professional, safe, and beneficial marijuana industry.

Selfishly, We are hoping our favorite vacation towns in Maine, Bar Harbor, Kennebunkport, Biddiford Pools will opt in!

Source: Another town blocks sale of marijuana on heels of referendum – Fox Bangor – WVII ABC 7



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