Adilas API: Third Party Solutions to Common Cannabis Industry Concerns

Did you know Adilas integrates with a number of solutions created by third parties to enhance your experience? API solutions provide functionality above and beyond Adilas’ out of the box experience. 

What is API? 

API is defined as “a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service.” Basically that means, once the connection is made, additional features and options will be available. This allows your data to work harder for you. 

What kinds of solutions are offered? 

Payment solutions 

Payment processing is always a challenge in the cannabis industry. Fortunately, there are several solutions available for payment processing. One notable option is Hypur who offers the option for cashless transactions at the point of sale. 

Government tracking 

Some states require that a cannabis business use their chosen software to track and report data to the state. Adilas integrates with major government tracking systems such as METRC and Leaf Data. This means that you only have to enter your cannabis tracking data into your Adilas  instead of having to enter it in two systems separately. 


Adilas provides a robust reporting platform but wouldn’t you love help determining what all that data means and how it can be put to work? The Headspace integration provides advanced reporting and analytical functionality for those who want to get more from their reporting. 


Some solutions monitor your inventory levels and prompt you when it is time to reorder items such as packaging materials. Greenstock is a great example of this solution. 

Email and text marketing 

Text and email marketing are essential due to stringent restrictions on how a cannabis business can. Full Circle provides a solution that allows you to stay in communication with your customers. Not only do they provide text and email options, but they also provide a number of other features that will enhance the customer experience.

Web Marketing 

Integrations for web marketing will save you loads of time. Leafly, Baker, and Iheartjane will all automatically show your current inventory once connected. 

Read more about Adilas’ third party solutions, including what to do if you want to create a new solution, here.

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