West Hollywood to Allow Social Consumption

Last year, The City of West Hollywood approved an Ordinance to approve amendments to the municipal code and zoning ordinance to regulate cannabis land uses.

The City’s Ordinance makes the City of West Hollywood one of the only cities in the region authorizing business licenses for consumption areas, where cannabis can be purchased and consumed on-site.

The City is having a meeting and opening up an application period for cannabis businesses fro April 4-April 31 2018.

The Growing Interest in California and Canadian Cannabis Businesses Opportunities

Especially since the 2016 elections, in the United States, we have been hearing a lot about Canadian companies now entering the US Cannabis space. The interest in international cannabis business goes both directions across the northern border.

According to Forbes.com:

“MedMen, LA-based cannabis retailer, joins forces with Cronos Group, Canadian cannabis producer, manufacturer and distributor for a cross-border joint venture, painting a picture of how the global cannabis industry will function in years to come.”

Source: MedMen Leaps Into Canadian Cannabis Market For Joint Venture With Cronos Group

MedMen is one of many American cannabis company’s, including Next Chapter Solutions, LLC taking its products, services and branding expertise to Canada.


Many California cannabis company’s are turning to Canada for guidance since medical cannabis became federally legal in there 2013, so a regulatory framework has been put in place.

While it is also taking the Canadians longer than expected, when adult-use comes on board it’s going to piggyback on the framework that already exists for medical.

From a business perspective, going into an arena where the rules are much clearer and there’s significantly less uncertainty is attractive from an investment and business perspective.

Adilas420 has some big news and plans regarding seed to sale services for both California and Canada coming soon! Stay tuned.

Arizona Introduces Legislation to Limit Marijuana Packaging

The Arizona House of Representatives introduced a bill that would require medical marijuana dispensaries to alter its packaging.

According to the source: Arizona Introduces Legislation to Limit Marijuana Packaging

The House Commerce Committee of Arizona’s House of Representatives unanimously approved a bill last week that would prohibit Arizona dispensaries from selling marijuana products that are packaged or labeled in a way that would attract minors. Think about cereal boxes, with cartoon mascots and attractive colors, or even celebrity-endorsed products on billboards and TV.

This bill would put Arizona regulations in line with other states including Colorado and Nevada where specific packaging requirements are defined.

Medical marijuana patients worried about shortages when legal recreational sales begin

Massachusetts is likely to face a shortage of marijuana once legal sales begin. Medical marijuana patients want to make sure their supply of medicine is protected.

According to a Masslive article this week : Medical marijuana patients worried about shortages when legal recreational sales begin


Massachusetts currently has 22 registered dispensaries selling medical marijuana and over 46,000 registered medical marijuana patients.


There is less than a handful of other dispensaries in the final stages of the registration process before getting permission to sell medical cannabis.

The state wont begin accepting applications for recreational facilities until April 2018.

Report: Less than 1 percent of California pot growers are licensed by state

California marijuana growers are lagging in getting licenses, according to a report released Monday by a pot industry group.

Source: Report: Less than 1 percent of California pot growers are licensed by state 

What cannabis consumer data is being tracked in California?

Image Credit: AP


Some U.S. cannabis consumers, patients and journalists have raised concerns over the safety of customer data.

Politifact.com reported on California’s Track and Trace requirements for customer records, expressing concerns about protecting consumers privacy.

According to the source article: How much privacy do you have when you buy marijuana in California?

“To buy recreational marijuana at a dispensary in California, customers must show a valid ID to prove they are 21 or older. A driver’s license or passport is sufficient.

This is the only information dispensaries are required to check for walk-in recreational customers under Proposition 64. The law does not instruct businesses to hold on to customer data following a purchase…But there’s also nothing in the law that prevents the businesses from asking for it and keeping it.”


Cali Cannabis business owners may want the data for marketing purposes and also for consumer safety, in the case of a product recall.

The article also reminds us that consumers can only expect a limited amount of privacy as they are, required, by ca. emergency rules for regulating cannabis, to be under video surveillance.

California does also require detailed records of delivery be maintained to verify the sales are not being done to or near children.

The business owners standard operating procedures should detail every precaution taken to protect customer and patient records. Tracking systems should be held to the highest standards to protect customer records.


Montana announces Metrc implementation

In January 2018 The Department of Public Health and Human Services, Medical Marijuana Bureau, in Montana, announced its upcoming implementation of Franwell Metrc Track and Trace software.

Metrc launched its Montana Customers Home Page giving marijuana businesses answers to frequently asked questions and announcing opportunities for training and credentialing.

For more information, checkout Metrc.com/montana

or contact us. Adilas420 offers Metrc integration and adilas seed to sale software training. Adilas POS and enterprise resource planning system will enable you to maintain compliance while producing businesses intelligence.

Vermont is 9th State to legalize marijuana for adults and the first to legalize marijuana through legislature

Vermont is the ninth state to legalize marijuana for adults and has notably approached legalization differently than any other state.

Vermont is the first state to legalize recreational marijuana through the legislature and also the first to approach it without a plan to create a market place or regulate from seed to sale.

Gov. Phil Scott (R) wrote “To be very direct: There must be comprehensive and convincing plans completed in these areas before I will begin to consider the wisdom of implementing a commercial ‘tax and regulate’ system for an adult marijuana market,” according to the Washington Post.

Legislation allows for the possession of an ounce or less of marijuana, two mature and four immature plants and calls for an advisory board to study what a regulated marijuana marketplace would look like in Vermont. The advisory board will be required to report to the governor by Dec. 15, according to The Washington Post article. 

Picture Source: Vermont is the first state to legalize marijuana through legislature



Michigan Licenses for its Marihuana Program

Yes, the state is really spelling marijuana “marihuana” as if cannabis, marijuana, weed, ganja ect. isn’t complicated enough! We are simply relieved the Michigan regulatory process is moving forward.

We are happy to be helping with Michigan licensing efforts offering a quick resource for section

(2) BUSINESS SPECIFICATIONS. We’ve got you covered from sections E-G and beyond.

E. Technology Plan –

We can help to provide an explanation in the space provided AND have prepared supplemental documentation demonstrating a technology plan including adilas being used as a third-party systems being used to interface with METRC; and (2) systems and procedures for internal loss/theft/destruction reporting.

F. Marketing Plan

We will work with you to provide a description AND supporting documentation of your advertising and marketing plan.

G. Inventory & Recordkeeping Plan

Adilas420 can provide a description AND supporting documentation of the applicant’s plan for acquiring, storing, and transporting medical marihuana products. Also, we will provide a description of how inventory records will be maintained.

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Maine will delay social cannabis clubs until 2023

While rule making for implementation of adult use marijuana in Maine is finally moving forward, Gov. Paul LePage has agreed to delay social consumption until 2023.

The move is intended to shore up political support for implementing recreational marijuana rules, but advocates say it ignores the will of Maine voters.

According to the source: Legalization panel makes concession, votes to delay social cannabis clubs until 2023 – Portland Press Herald 

Perhaps Maine will be looking to Massachusetts to how they set the example for social consumption of cannabis which has not yet been implemented in any state.