Standard Operating Procedures: Massachusetts – Retailer Medical or Recreational


Adilas420’s operating procedures template is over 75 pages and will include content that will apply to any regulated cannabis business. This downloadable template can be edited and customized to match your specific cannabis business operations. These SOP’s can serve as a supporting documents for your application or as a valuable resource to marijuana business employees.


These Massachusetts Cannabis SOPs are written specifically to address state rules and regulations for licensed cannabis businesses including but not limited to: Hiring Procedures, Transportation procedures, Inventory procedures, Labeling procedures, Non-laboratory quality control procedures, Security procedures, Waste Management procedures

The Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Question 4 passed on the November 8, 2016. The law legalized recreational marijuana cultivation and possession, including use and possession of up to one ounce of marijuana in public by people 21 years and older. On July 282017, Governor Charles D. Baker signed into law Chapter 55 of the Acts of 2017An Act to ensure safe access to marijuana. Our Massachusetts Cannabis SOPs cover all these regulations.

The Law both allows for and requires cultivation, manufacturing and retail licensing.  The law required any seller of recreational marijuana to be a licensed retailer. The Cannabis Control Commission began accepting licensing applications in April 2018. The commission will accept applications for marijuana retailer, marijuana product manufacturer, and marijuana cultivator licenses. No more than 75 licenses will be issued for each license type.

These SOPS were written to help provide you with a compliant guide and resource for best practices.


Sample Downloadable SOP PDF for marijuana retailer.

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