Get Hypur – Banking and Payment Solution

Conduct cashless transactions.

With Hypur Cannabis Banking Solutions cannabis businesses can legitimately and legally access banking.


Hypur Commerce gives consumers the ability to conduct electronic payments while reducing the cash burden for your business. It also provides reports for transaction history.







Why Hypur ?Cannabis Banking and Payment Solutions.

Cannabis banking solutions! Hypur works directly with the bank to ensure banking requirements and compliance.

Frictionless payments.

Send and receive payments without using cash, cards or checks.

Quick transfers.

Automatic processing and payment settlement in no time.

Reduced fees.

Save on cash handling, payment processing and chargeback fees.

Real-time updates.

Track your payments and get notified when they’re received and accepted.

Save on cash handling, payment processing and chargeback fees.

Increased customer spend.

Enable your customers to spend freely without the limitations of cash.

No cash management.

Lower the resources needed to manage, track and transport cash.

Faster checkouts.

Have customers pay with their mobile phone number to shorten wait time.

Hypur provides cannabis banking and payment solutions for marijuana industry. Adilas, seed to sale software and Hypur seamlessly integrate to ease date entry and streamline cannabis operations reporting. For more information CONTACT US.