Adilas420 Cannabis ADILAS Tracking System Training Manual: Canada – Marijuana Cultivation


Adilas420’s Cannabis Tracking Systems Training Manual is over 100 pages and will include content that will apply to any regulated cannabis business training manual. This downloadable template can be edited and customized to match your specific cannabis business ADILAS software training manual operations. This cannabis business training manual can serve as a supporting documents for your application or as a valuable resource to marijuana business employees.


This marijuana tracking systems training manual is written specifically to address state rules and regulations for licensed cannabis business requirements for Data and Record Keeping requirements. Training manuals including but not limited to: Hiring Procedures (add / edit employees), Transportation procedures (Vehicle records and Manifests), Inventory procedures, Labeling procedures, Non-laboratory quality control procedures, Security procedures, Waste Management procedures and Accounting and Record Keeping procedrues. This manual also includes:

 Customer Relationship Management

 Data Security

 Business records

 Inventory tracking of all marijuana and marijuana product on the premises

 Employee qualification, permissions and training

 Health and safety s data and label printing

 Transportation and delivery of marijuana and marijuana products

 Point of Sale

 Use of the Cannabis tracking system under the Cannabis Act

 Vendor Records and more!