MA Usable Marijuana Weight and Concentrate Limits

The process for identifying usable marijuana weights and allowed marijuana limits in MA



In this lesson, we will discuss usable marijuana weights including concentrates and Marijuana Infused Products (MIP) limits in the state of Massachusetts. Every state has different requirements for tracking marijuana weights and measurements. We will use MA cannabis medical and adult use regulations to understand Mass requirements. Current Medical regulations were adopted in 12/23/18* and Adult Use regulations came into effect in 3-23-18.

In the following topics you will learn about:

  1. MA Usable Marijuana Weight and Concentrate Limits
  2. MA Adult Use Usable Marijuana Weight and Concentrate Product Limits
  3. Proposed New Regulations for Usable Marijuana Weights and Marijuana Dry Weight Equivalence for Medical Sales in MA
  4. A Review of Proposed New Regulations for Usable Marijuana Weights for Adult Use Sales in MA
  5. Examples of calculating usable marijuana weights and DWE for medical and adult use regulations.
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Posted in Massachusetts.