Massachusetts uses METRC for Track and Trace Software

About Track and Trace Software METRC As described on METRC’s website: ” Metrc® is a regulatory compliance management solution used as a tool by government regulatory bodies for the oversight and compliance management of recreational and medical marijuana programs. Metrc is an online soft-ware reporting system for use by legally state licensed producers, processors, wholesalers, […]

Arizona Introduces Legislation to Limit Marijuana Packaging

The Arizona House of Representatives introduced a bill that would require medical marijuana dispensaries to alter its packaging. According to the source: Arizona Introduces Legislation to Limit Marijuana Packaging The House Commerce Committee of Arizona’s House of Representatives unanimously approved a bill last week that would prohibit Arizona dispensaries from selling marijuana products that are […]

Medical marijuana patients worried about shortages when legal recreational sales begin

Massachusetts is likely to face a shortage of marijuana once legal sales begin. Medical marijuana patients want to make sure their supply of medicine is protected. According to a Masslive article this week : Medical marijuana patients worried about shortages when legal recreational sales begin   Massachusetts currently has 22 registered dispensaries selling medical marijuana […]

Montana announces Metrc implementation

In January 2018 The Department of Public Health and Human Services, Medical Marijuana Bureau, in Montana, announced its upcoming implementation of Franwell Metrc Track and Trace software. Metrc launched its Montana Customers Home Page giving marijuana businesses answers to frequently asked questions and announcing opportunities for training and credentialing. For more information, checkout or […]

Michigan Licenses for its Marihuana Program

Yes, the state is really spelling marijuana “marihuana” as if cannabis, marijuana, weed, ganja ect. isn’t complicated enough! We are simply relieved the Michigan regulatory process is moving forward. We are happy to be helping with Michigan licensing efforts offering a quick resource for section (2) BUSINESS SPECIFICATIONS. We’ve got you covered from sections E-G […]


California tracks marijuana from seed to sale using Metrc

As of January 2. 2018 the Cannabis Commission has started using  using Metrc to track the cannabis supply chain from the point at which a plant is 8 inches tall through the point(s) of sale. “Rebecca Forée, a spokesperson for California Department of Food and Agriculture, explained via email. “Once we have completed and approved […]

9 Tips for Selecting and Implementing Your Seed to Sale Software System

We are not going to reinvent the wheel here..or pretend like the cannabis industry is different from every other industry. Companies transition to new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software all the time, in every industry. This happens as new and improving software and technologies advance.   The cannabis industry is highly regulated, and held to […]