Senate passes controversial medical marijuana bill |

Applause and tears filled the Utah Senate chamber Thursday as a controversial medical marijuana bill passed with more yes votes than expected. SALT LAKE CITY — Tears filled Enedina Stanger’s eyes as she watched the Utah Senate pass a controversial medical marijuana bill that she says won’t help her but would help thousands of Utahns. […]

Facebook shuts down medical marijuana pages in New Jersey

Facebook and Instagram continue to shut down Marijuana accounts. We have been offering advice and guidance to Adilas420 Members for content management which might help mitigate the likeliness of having your account shut down. TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Three of New Jersey’s five medical marijuana dispensaries have had their business pages shutdown by Facebook, cutting off […]

Big Changes Come To Oregon’s Marijuana Industry In 2016 . News | OPB

By the end of the year, Oregon’s cannabis industry will look a lot different from what we currently have. Although the state is accepting business license applications, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission — which will oversee the state’s recreational marijuana business solely starting in January 2017 — doesn’t plan to approve any of the retail store […]

Chicago Medical marijuana advocates ask Gov. Rauner to expand the program

“Under the state’s medical marijuana law, patients with one of about 40 specified medical conditions may get a doctor’s recommendation to buy marijuana from state-approved dispensaries. Approved conditions include cancer, AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis and complex regional pain syndrome. In September, the Illinois Department of Public Health rejected without explanation 11 new medical conditions recommended by […]

Hawaii Medical Marijuana Dispensary License Application Now Available Online | Business Wire

Adilas420 Consultants can assist with the application writing process. With years of expierience managing marijuana businesses in highly regulated states, an experienced consultant can offer an applicant great insight. Contact Us for help – Good luck to all the applicants! The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) Medical Marijuana Dispensary License application is now available online at […]

Do I roll it? Mass. Senators learn about marijuana – The Boston Globe

One of my favorite parts of working in a dispensary was offering tours to law enforcement and public officials. Regardless of if it was the local fire fighters inspecting smoke detectors or senators from out of state considering legalization, people are always amazed and in my experience, always impressed. Patients who visit a dispensary for a first […]

Alaska to Become the First State With Legal Cannabis Cafés – Leafly

Before long, consumption in Alaska could look a lot more like the coffeeshops of Amsterdam Businesses allowing onsite consumption could become part of the state’s cannabis culture as soon as this summer. One important distinction is that the proposal as it currently stands will allow only cannabis-infused edibles to be consumed on site. The Alaska […]