Why Adilas?

ADILAS is an all inclusive inventory control and accounting software trusted by regulated marijuana business operators all over the country.


All Data is Live and Searchable (Reportable too!)

ADILAS is an acronym for “All Data is Live and Searchable.”Adilas.biz is an online server-based application where you can store and track all of your business data. The data is always yours – you can search and export anything to Excel and create your own reports or use the marijuana business reports we have prepared for you.

Seed to Bank Tracking

ADILAS tracks cannabis business operations from seed to bank. While some inventory control systems claim the ability to track inventory from seed to sale, ADILAS includes a full accounting platform, merchant processing options and file storage for all of your business receipts and documents. ADILAS420 can provide unique banking solutions for cannabis businesses and business guides for those who need them.

Fast and Reliable Online Server

Marijuana business owners prefer ADILAS because it is reliable and has an established reputation of working for business owners for over 15 years. As you start your businesses, in the start up industry of marijuana, it is refreshing to work on a platform that is not experiencing the same “new business” growing pains. ADILAS has already figured it out with secure servers, PCI (Payment Card Industry) and DSS (Data Security Standards) Compliance and a large team of experienced ADILAS users and developers. ADILAS 420 has adapted an existing business tool to be specific for marijuana businesses and includes a team of experienced cannabis businesses operators with a sea of “green solutions.”

Scalable and Customizable

Adilas420 has adapted ADILAS for marijuana businesses, all that is left to do is customize it to your business. With an open API ADILAS will support your business growth and web development, allowing for marijuana e-commerce, transparency and live communication for governing agencies, and other valuable growth opportunities. Read more about Adilas E-Commerce


Adilas is available for a low monthly rate based on the size of your business.

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