$250.00 / month and a $500.00 sign-up fee

This is an upgrade to adilas e-commerce. This will allow your menu to appear on your domain without an iframe or use of external adilas links for your cannabis online shop. This powerful tool allows you to maximize SEO for your cannabis company and customize your marijuana website with all the power of WordPress. Download this plugin to be installed on your WordPress website for a cannabis online store. You will also want to be using WooCommerce and a WooCommerce Theme. This monthly subscription will provide access to fixes, version updates, new features and online tech support.




Cannabis Business Online Store

Why WooAdilas?

WooAdilas is a plugin to connect Adilas and WooCommerce for the perfect online cannabis store. Using these tools, we can have your cannabis website menu up and beautiful really quickly. We will save everyone valuable time and money with this all in one solution. It is just a few clicks away...
First, if you haven't already, install WooCommerce into a WooCommerce compatible theme using WordPress.
Next, set up or activate your Adilas, point of sale or inventory control system.
Then, activate WooAdilas from your Adilas system, third party solutions page.
Purchase your online cannabis store by adding this product to your cart.
Now you are ready to install this wordpress plugin for your cannabis business.
Use the API Key generated in your Adilas seed to sale software system and then follow the easy activation instructions.
This will give you access to a unique API, to display your menu, track your online sales and offer tech support for bugs, fixes and updates to newer versions and tons of new features! WooCommerce and Adilas keep offering new features and functions for cannabis business software and so will we!


Plugin functionality includes:
  • Customer login syncing (for your CRM) - including customer validation - ID Uploading for medical patients.
  • Age verification
  • Sync items to Woo Products.
  • Menu only features.
  • Invoice or quote/order creation.
  • Options for in-store pick up or delivery.
  • POS system queueing
  • Customer Emailing
  • Options for text and mass email messaging.
  • Syncing of Tax Settings.
  • Syncing for Discount Engine for Coupons.
  • Access to a collection of stock item names, descriptions and photos.
Some other plugins that you may want to consider to maximize full delivery, pick up and merchant processing options include:


Cannabis Business SEO

Lastly, but most importantly, don't forget:

Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin

Using these tools will help you maximize SEO for a cannabis business.

Adilas420 offers you several other integrated softwares and solutions to help you manage your cannabis business. We also offer custom development solutions. If there is something more you need, just ask. We will get a developer to quote the project and get started. We work with various developers with skills in a wide range of development. You can meet some of our suggested developers in Adilas' Market Place. Let us help you coordinate. We will pick the best one for the job and make sure you get what you ask for.

Adilas420 can also offer you support in setup and design of your online store. Get started today!