Cannabis Training & Coaching

We offer comprehensive consulting, coaching and training for those participating in the Cannabis Industry.

We offer:

Management & Admin Training

BudTender Training

Product Training


Training is customized to each company’s needs. Training could include defining or improving operational work flow, general management and tools including technology. We specialize in training on Seed to Sale Software.

Cannabis Coaches are available for hands on and in person training. Training is also offered via live web chatting and webinars. Members can access a general training guides including, videos tutorials for marijuana businesses. We  can customize Adilas Training Manuals to meet each company’s unique training and business needs. Coaches are available to enable staff in completing the recordings of daily operations. We enable cannabis business operations and the Regulation of Cannabis!

Other types of marijuana classes and training are available as well!

Contact us to become a Member for full access to all training materials and resources!