Adilas Cannabis Training Manual

We have written customized Adilas Cannabis Training Manuals for marijuana businesses in several states. Each manual instructs on the basic procedures of using Adilas to run a compliant cannabis business. We have consolidated the training manual into a downloadable template, called uCannDo Adilas Training Manual to be added to and used by future cannabis businesses.

The Table of Content, below, provides a preview of the uCannDo Adilas Training Manual – Click to the next page at the bottom to see the 5 Page Table of Content:


The uCannDo Adilas Training manual is over 175 pages of content that will apply to any regulated cannabis business. It works great for those who like to learn via step by step instructions!

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Example of Instructions:

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Contact Us for more interactive training! We also offer customized training manuals to improve workflow and job training!

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